Thursday, December 11, 2008

Almost done

so today marks a big day in this little life. finally got my theis approved and printed. turning it into the prof tomorrow. it's been over 6 years since this journey began and we're so close to being finished. a degree can be tough to complete, but make sure it's something you do when you have the time, and preferably aren't freshly married. And dedicate time to it, cause you'll want your work to be good quality and meaningful.

anyway, it's almost done.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


So, we joined the ranks of suburbanites in full zest and zeal. Sprung the cash for new countertops. Got em in today; black granite (it's actually volcanic glass). New sink, and even....a new faucet. You'd think it'd be an easy thing to pick out. You'd think, two thrity somethings who live like liberals wouldn't give a shit, but alas, we're all rational, and hey, if you get water, you like to get it from something that looks nice. So, my wife and i got one, it stunk, and now have another.

The home depot likes to depict these amazing before and after pictures. It's as if you can transform a room in the blink of an eye, akin to showering up to get clean. What they don't mention are the hours and tools you need to accomplish said tasks, or some knowledge about what you're doin helps too. It's not tough really, kind of fun. Being married has it's little cool quirks, like picking out a faucet with your spouse and actually giving a crap, which doesn't matter to the rest of the world, but somehow still brings you closer as a couple. Yeah, it's corny like nothin else, but these things are what create our stories and take our time (and money), so make them fun. In the span of life, counters really don't matter; they hold stuff up. But in the shorter periods, we live someplace, we work, make money and spend it. These decisions impact our daily lives, and the little things do make a difference. You might not really care about remodeling; after all, a house is just a house and should let you eat, sleep, and such, but it's also your dwelling. This deeper meaning imbues doing the little things that can make life better, interesting, or neither. So new countertops are in. We're putting in the rest of the stuff, like the faucet, drain, disposal, etc. Through it all, we're out a few grand, a few hours, and still have a counter that holds stuff up. But, it's something to talk about, something new, and will improve our home's value when it's time to sell. I used to not care a bit about these things, but over time you kind of gettin a hankerin to fix up your place. Maybe it's age, maybe it's having a significant other, or it's just liking stone. For now, the kitchen will look cool, and the sink won't leak water in the cabinet below and stink and mold, so we've got that goin for us. I'll throw a picture up soon.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


So the funny part of growing up is deciding how much to be like your parents. Pick and choose the good and bad traits. Maybe hybrid yourself into the best of both? Good luck. But what if you find some elements of their behavior that bare no resemblance to anything you so say, or feel? As if, hey, there's nothing in my being even close to what I'm seeing now? that's totally the case with this trip, as in, wow, unsure where this all came from, and damn sure it won't be coming from me. So far in this trip, K and I have witnessed some truly amazing things, such as bizarre non stop talking, overwhelming naricissm, and an odd hypocrisy with saying things like 'People who do X are so annoying' and then proceeding to do that exact same thing. We sit astounded really. The kettle could not be calling a pot any deeper a black.

Some say the first year of marriage should be spent really getting to know your spouse, not buying a house, or having a kid, etc. another reason is deciding just how close to live to your inlaws. What do you do with a person who asks you a question and proceeds not to listen to the answer, ever?? Or who can't understand scarcasm? Literally cannot get the joke? it's as if they can't really master the english language, despite having been born and raised here. Alas, it's perplexing and saddening all at once, and it's family, so it's not going away.

But we are, at least, that's the option. What to do really? Rudeness happens, but you can consciously choose not to be rude to others, regardless the reasons, and we've been surrounded by it this trip, and it's not even TG yet.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Traveling with family.....don't do it.

so this is really a result of a thanksgiving trip with family. Ill fated, we'll see, but overall it's a feast of memories for this blog, hence its creation. My wife and I just thought, there's too much rich material here to let this not be unread by others who've suffered so. Mothers in law have enough issues, but sometimes your mother trumps them all. it all started as a fine, step pop, sister, wife and I would go to CA for a quick trip of T-Giving. Alas, it's been what we imagined, and more. The plane was a good give away; we had all the common characters. Sick woman who blows her nose all day and just had to break out here required video game to annoy us 20 before landing. Tech geeks one and two, who couldn't stop talking about how COOL software hard and firmware aspects are. RealllYYYYYY? for two hours? Enough already.

Tech boy one started off informing us how great he felt while using pilates after his car accident. hey, we admire anyone who betters their body after such things, especially through natual means, but the thesis on the subject, pre take-off, was overkill.

Most other plane-mates were fine. I got up and got scolded by the suited attendant folks, as if by standing i'd jeaopardize the entire crew's future by not being in my seat for 30 seconds.

Next was airport nav. It's always amazing how crazy it can be finding a car rental and such at the airport, but it's way cooler if your step dad forgot which company rented him the car. so to pass the time, we found the local religious desk where the people have the 'can Jesus save me' pamphlets. always the clown, i can't resist the heavenly loook of them, and make a bit of fun with my family. We were unpleasantly surprised to find two hidden, if not well meaning, staffers behind the wall awaiting just some attention to their stand. damn it, caught, they asked their obligatory inquisitive questions, but we brushed them off, not to be rude, but really not wanting to entertain the typical God talk you get from people so excited to save someone. Thanks, but we're good.

We found the car people, and took the bus of folks over to car rental paradise. it's like being in a great 80's show, with every denomination of folks you used to see in those early mormom shows where an everyday event breaks out into a singing and dancing show. You know the ones, where you have a full scale mix of nationalities, just so no one feels excluded. And don't you wonder where the hell all these people are going?

Anyway, we got a car all right. If you've seen my family you'd know a 'mid size' sedan won't fit 5 typical americans and their 87 bags of luggage. We debated the smart choice of moving up to something that fits, but instead decided to stick with our grapes of wrath style rig for the duration. Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoy adversity; it's a great way to grow and be unamerican, in that we're so used to getting what we want, but we really had no room for anything or ourselves. Anyway, let's take the rip, bags stuffed among us, and continue on.....