Thursday, November 27, 2008


So the funny part of growing up is deciding how much to be like your parents. Pick and choose the good and bad traits. Maybe hybrid yourself into the best of both? Good luck. But what if you find some elements of their behavior that bare no resemblance to anything you so say, or feel? As if, hey, there's nothing in my being even close to what I'm seeing now? that's totally the case with this trip, as in, wow, unsure where this all came from, and damn sure it won't be coming from me. So far in this trip, K and I have witnessed some truly amazing things, such as bizarre non stop talking, overwhelming naricissm, and an odd hypocrisy with saying things like 'People who do X are so annoying' and then proceeding to do that exact same thing. We sit astounded really. The kettle could not be calling a pot any deeper a black.

Some say the first year of marriage should be spent really getting to know your spouse, not buying a house, or having a kid, etc. another reason is deciding just how close to live to your inlaws. What do you do with a person who asks you a question and proceeds not to listen to the answer, ever?? Or who can't understand scarcasm? Literally cannot get the joke? it's as if they can't really master the english language, despite having been born and raised here. Alas, it's perplexing and saddening all at once, and it's family, so it's not going away.

But we are, at least, that's the option. What to do really? Rudeness happens, but you can consciously choose not to be rude to others, regardless the reasons, and we've been surrounded by it this trip, and it's not even TG yet.

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